Arts Based Therapy (ABT ) Course


At Bodhita, we also deeply believe that expressing yourself through traditional Art forms of painting, song and dance allows you to reach into unexplored areas of yourself, and pushes you to transcend today’s material world, into higher, purer pursuits of happiness. By drawing upon India’s deep-rooted and rich treasure of Arts, we open our students’ lives and worlds to a cleaner, and more primitive universe. The Arts also have a spirit of bonding that is inherent to their nature, and we believe that in a divisive and conflict-laden world, Arts do what little else can – they bond us together.


Arts Based Therapy (ABT) was initiated in 2001 by the World Centre for Creative Learning Foundation in Pune. It is a dynamic combination of traditional and modern artistic material with an interdisciplinary basis of Indian Psychology, Philosophy and Modern science making ABT a viable and meaningful therapeutic practise.


Since the past fifteen years, the use of ABT as a therapeutic intervention has ranged across cities and varied groups in India. Children at risk, children with developmental difficulties, adults at risk, adults with de-addiction, geriatric population are names of just a few of the many groups that have been touched and transformed by ABT.

Further Details

You can find out more about the course by simply downloading our detailed brochure. Click here for the brochure.